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The Kip Scale

Pain level 0
No pain, life is beautiful

Pain level 1
Very minor, shadow's come and go. Life is still beautiful

Pain level 2
More persistent shadows

Pain level 3
Shadows are getting constant but can deal with it

Pain level 4
Starting to get bad, want to be left alone

Pain level 5
Still not a "pacer" but need space

Pain level 6
Wake up grumbling, curse a bit, but can get back to sleep with out "dancing"

Pain level 7
Wake up, sleep not an option, take the beast for a walk and finally fall into bed exhausted

Pain level 8
Time to scream, yell, curse, head bang, rock, whatever works

Pain level 9
The "Why me?" syndrome starts to set in

Pain level 10
Major pain, screaming, head banging, ER trip. Depressed. Suicidal.






















In Loving Memory of...

Bob Kipple

1939 - 2006

Beloved husband, father, and fellow CH sufferer.

Author of the Kip scale and one of the founders of O.U.C.H.

He is survived by his wife Judy, daughter Jan, son Bob, grandson Matthew, 2 sisters, a multitude of nieces & nephews, and other CH sufferers and friends who will all miss him dearly.

Bob Kipple

"Zeros" for you, our brother.


Judy Kipple

Rest in peace dear sister.

Bob "Kip" Kipple passed away peacefully in his sleep on Monday, February 20, 2006.  Kip was a member of the original crew that met in Dave "Drummer" Greenly's garage in July 1999 and founded O.U.C.H.

Kip gave a lot to the cluster headache community.  His support and his stories will long be remembered by those fortunate enough to know him.  He joined every discussion he could about clusters.  If he knew you were hurting, he would pick up the phone and call.  
Kip always had time for his friends. 
Kip taught us how to use oxygen properly. 
He taught us about long hoses for the oxygen tanks to give us room to pace.  He taught us how to cool our oxygen which makes it more effective for many. 
He gave us "The Kip Scale" to help us describe our unique pain.
Kip used to sign his posts, "Support OUCH...zeros for all." 
Referring to the wish for all clusterheads to experience zero pain.

OUCH was very important to Kip.  At the request of his family, information on donating to OUCH in his name is included on this page.


Together Forever

On Friday, February 24, 2006, Kip's wife and supporter of 47 years, Judy, passed away to be with the only man she ever loved.  Those who knew them said it was always obvious how much they loved each other.  Even death will not keep these two wonderful people apart.

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