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Welcome to the Family Services Team Page

A letter from Linda Howell, Family Services Team Leader

Family Services is a place where we try to assist families sorting through the problems that arise due to Cluster Headaches. This site is for questions from supporters as well as sufferers, because as we have learned this condition affects every aspect of our lives and every person in it.

.Let me introduce myself.  .My name is Linda Howell and I’ve been a chronic sufferer for 24 years.

Jackie is a long time supporter to her husband.  Her words of wisdom around these parts are legendary and I have the utmost respect for her and am thankful she is a part of my team.  .

We welcome any and all questions as to how we can help.  Feel free to e-mail me with a question and we will do our very best to help you. It may be to provide links to help your specific problem or research data that you may not be able to find. If need be, we can call you personally and talk to you one on one.  We are not doctors, but have years of experience in dealing with Cluster Headaches, and have the very latest research on treatments and preventatives, as well as abortives like oxygen.
You are not alone in this fight and never will be again.
Linda Howell                                                
Family Services Team Leader

Linda                                   Jackie

Linda                                                                                                Jackie

To contact Family Services, please e-mail familyservices@ouch-us.org 

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DISCLAIMER: The Family Services Team are not doctors.  They are cluster headache sufferers and supporters who volunteer their time to share what they have learned through their research and experience.The information provided on this web site is for educational and informational purposes only.  It should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care or for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical disorder.  O.U.C.H. makes no claims as to the scientific/clinical validity of the information on this site OR to that of the information linked to from this site.  All information taken from the internet should be discussed with a medical professional!

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