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What's Happening with O.U.C.H?

April 7, 2012:
To all OUCH members,

It is with great sadness that the Board of Directors of OUCH is going to have to close the organization.

Over the years OUCH has been a strong viable organization for the support and research into cluster headaches.  Recently, membership interest has dropped, volunteerism is low and there is no apparent interest in serving on the Board of Directors.  The current Board cannot continue alone, and per our by-laws, and with no membership support or volunteers for office, we must close the OUCH doors.

Over the years of OUCH’s existence, there have been many people who have given their time and dedication to not only OUCH, but to cluster headache support and research.  We want to thank each and every one of you for your support.

We are working with the State of Texas, where we are registered as a 501c non-profit corporation to close down according to Texas laws, as well as filing our closure with the Internal Revenue Service.

Both our checking account with Bank of America and our PayPal account will be closed and all remaining funds will be donated to ClusterBusters which is a registered 501c non-profit organization, as well as other organizations devoted to cluster headache research and support.

If you are an active registered member of OUCH, please go to the OUCH message board at clusterheadaches.com and read our official announcement. 

We wish all of you well and to be pain free from cluster headaches.  Please continue to visit clusterheadaches.com and clusterbusters.com for their wonderful information and support.

It hurts us dearly to have to do this but we have no options.


OUCH Board of Directors
Carolyn Morris, President
Sue Jeffrey, Vice President
Jerry Callison, Secretary
Sandra Cullen, Treasurer
Jackie Warrior, Director  

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