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What is The Organization for Understanding Cluster Headaches?


The Organization for Understanding Cluster Headaches (O.U.C.H) is a 501, c, (3), nonprofit organization, formed to assist cluster headache sufferers and their families (supporters).  O.U.C.H was formed and is operated by cluster headache sufferers and supporters on a strictly volunteer basis.

Our mission is to provide information and emotional support to cluster headache sufferers throughout the world.  We encourage, support and participate in research to develop new and improved therapies and practices for treating cluster headaches.  We conduct annual conferences, attended by sufferers from all over the world.  Numerous smaller gatherings are conducted throughout the year, all over the US. Cluster headache sufferers and supporters can meet other sufferers and supporters, many for the first time in their lives.  We establish communication with the medical, research and pharmaceutical communities to further the understanding of sufferer's needs and to encourage improved diagnosis and treatment of clusters.  We try to gather, on this web site, all pertinent information which may help sufferers understand and deal with their condition.

Membership in O.U.C.H is open to anyone who sufferers with cluster headaches, supports someone with cluster headaches or has an interest in cluster headaches.  Membership is completely free.  


Please consider joining O.U.C.H and helping us achieve these goals.


Board of Directors


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O.U.C.H operates solely on donations, grants and sales from the O.U.C.H store.  Donations to O.U.C.H are tax deductible. Your generous gift will benefit you in two ways - a break on your end of year tax liability and you’ll be funding an organization that is working towards a better knowledge of the causes, treatments, and one day a cure for cluster headaches.

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DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this web site is for educational and informational purposes only.  It should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional care or for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical disorder.  O.U.C.H makes no claims as to the scientific/clinical validity of the information on this site OR to that of the information linked to from this site.  All information taken from the internet should be discussed with a medical professional!

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