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"It was an amazing time for me. My biggest regret was not getting there Thursday and staying until Monday." - Jim Hendrix

"I am finally home safely. It took me 22 hours this time, as I had to drive alone, but I would do it again in a heartbeat to be with the beautiful, sweet, kind, compassionate people that I met at the convention. ... and tonight as I sit here and write this, I feel like the world has been lifted from my shoulders." - Georgia

Upcoming Events

What Where When Contact
2011 Convention Nashville TN July 15 - 17, 2011  TBA 



Past Events

Where When What
St. Louis, MO July 23 - 26, 2009 10th Annual OUCH Convention
Dallas, TX July 11-13, 2008 9th Annual OUCH Convention
Richmond, VA July 12-15, 2007 8th Annual OUCH Convention
Milwaukee, WI July 13 - July 16, 2006 7th Annual OUCH Convention
Dallas, TX  July 15 - 17, 2005 6th Annual OUCH Convention
Nashville, TN July 16-18, 2004 5th Annual OUCH Convention
Alexandria Bay, NY July 18-20, 2003 4th Annual OUCH Convention
Vancouver BC, CA September 13-15, 2002 3rd Annual OUCH Convention
Florida April 27, 2002 Regional Gathering
Nashville, TN Summer 2001 Regional Gathering
Atlanta, GA July, 2001 2nd Annual OUCH Convention
Las Vegas, NV July, 2000 1st Annual OUCH Convention

"There is definitely an inexplicable bond that I felt with youse guys and gals." - hub

"The quiet, camaraderie of everyone there.  Connection, love, information, friendship - it was all there and I was glad just to enjoy a small part of it." - Rachel

Want to Host an O.U.C.H. Convention?

If you would like to host an O.U.C.H. Convention in your area, click here and e-mail us your 

  • Name 

  • E-Mail Address 

  • Mailing Address 

  • Phone Number 

  • A description of your proposed convention site.  

Do you have a host hotel in mind?  Does it have a web site we can look at?  List any web sites for the area (Chamber of Commerce, Visitor sites, etc.)  Also, list any special attractions the area has to offer.

The O.U.C.H. Convention Committee and Board of Directors will review all submissions and decide which proposal will be granted the next convention. 

The decision will be based on the following:

  • Accommodations available - Hotels, Meeting Facilities, Restaurants, Attractions, Things to do and see, etc.

  • Travel Facilities - Proximity to an International Hub Airport.

  • Shuttle service to and from the hotel.

  • Vacation Opportunities - What possibilities does the area afford for attendees who would like to make an extended vacation of the trip?

  • Previous Convention Locations - We would like give each area of the country the opportunity to host a convention. For that reason we will give top consideration to those locations that have not recently hosted a convention.


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