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 Annual Supporter Appreciation Day

Supporters are our true champions.

- November 15, 2011 -


Sometimes, we as cluster headache sufferers can get so caught up our own world of pain that we forget to say thank you to those who support us.


Supporters are those special people who help us through our attacks, round up our meds, shuffle the kids off to another room so they don't see us in such a terrible state, advocate for us with our doctors, fight with the insurance companies, make excuses to our friends and family when we have to cancel outings and gatherings, comfort us when we are down and kick us in the pants when our pity party goes on a little too long.  Worst of all, they have to sit helplessly by knowing there is nothing they can do to stop the pain.


OUCH knows how much supporters do for sufferers, so we have set November 15 aside as Supporter Appreciation Day.  This is a day for all cluster headache sufferers to do what we should be doing every day; recognizing and thanking the most important people in our lives - YOU who support us.


OUCH has set up a special page where clusterheads everywhere can leave messages for those who mean the most to them.  



Clusterheads click here to leave a message for your supporter


Supporters, please click here to read messages





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